Our Current Testimonials

"Dr. Elahi accomplished every single goal I was wanting from my surgery. He is enormously talented and his work speaks for itself. He is a good listener and compassionate, not to mention friendly. Dr. Elahi’s staff is second to none. They go out of their way to accommodate you and make you feel at home. I wouldn’t have made it through the experience without them!."
- 31 year old male Patient (rhinoplasty)
"During my teens and early twenties, I was mostly awkward and average looking. I really grew into myself in my mid to late twenties (even the nose that I never liked fit with my face for a while). It was for this reason that I was so upset and disappointed when, at thirty-one, I was dealing with premature aging problems, and a nose that started looking more and more like some relatives I would rather not have resembled too much.

I heard about Dr. Elahi, and realized this was my chance to change these things. I was SO excited! The doctor told me that not only could he fix my nose, he could help with the down-turned shape of my mouth– which I was really frustrated with. He told me about the chin implant and also about fat injections that would help with the deep creases that went from the bottom of my nose to the corners of my mouth. I was so overwhelmed with joy, I could hardly contain myself!

After some initial cold feet just before my surgery (which I’m told most people get), I proceeded and had the surgery. Dr. Elahi gave me an absolutely SHOW STOPPING, BEAUTIFUL nose, and to this day several years later, I am so happy about the chin implant and the fat injections!!!!!!!!! I have so much more confidence, and I just feel better from the inside out. My rhinoplasty looks so natural and subtle, but it’s enough of a change to make me feel fabulous! I am — and have been for years– so proud to tell people about how Dr. Elahi changed my life! I show people my “before” pictures all the time, because I want them all to see what the doc did for me. Everyone thinks he is a genius, including me!"

- - 35 year old female patient (rhinoplasty)
"I wanted to thank everyone once again for taking such good care of me while I was there; truly, Dr. Elahi’s practice has the best staff I’ve ever seen.  I honestly feel as if everyone genuinely cares about you as a person and that’s really comforting at a time like that. 

And you may tell Dr. Elahi that I’m having great difficulty getting any work done here as I can’t peel my eyes away from these incredibly beautiful, sexy breasts of mine!  No, but really, they are completely perfect and I thank him so much. 

I hope that everyone there has very happy holidays"

- 21 year old female Patient (breast augmentation)