All AMALIAN hyaluronic acid fillers are exclusively made of ultra-pure, protein-free hyaluronic acid, which is totally free from animal components.

All AMALIAN hyaluronic acid fillers meet the highest German and international quality requirements and guarantee absolute sterility as well as non-cyctotoxic and biologically safe products. This ensures safety for your individual treatment program.

The AMALIAN product range is designed to help you:

  • Restore volume lost to aging for a youthful look
  • Enhance shape and definition for a balanced skin
  • Refresh and improve the general condition of your skin for a radiant and hydrated look
  • Treat specific facial areas such as cheeks, mouth/nose folds, lips

With AMALIAN you benefit from all the advantages of a premium hyaluronic acid treatment:

  • Fully degradable
  • No undesired long-term effects
  • Excellent biocompatibility, clinically proven
  • No allergy test required

Clinical Evidence

Clinical data of over 900 patients treated with all the different types of the AMALIAN dermal implants reveal that the products with all its types are clinically safe and significantly effective in the correction of volume losses or defects related to disease or age in facial skin in its intended use. Post-market-follow-up studies have confirmed these positive results. All final products bear the same material composition, stem from the same raw material and differ mainly in HA concentrations.